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Which Autoresponder is Best? :Now lifestyle / NSL Autoresponder Review

Hey folks, let me ask you a question. Are you tired of low email deliverability rates with your autoresponder? Are you tired of your mails going to the spam box? especially if you’re in the internet marketing community well your solution is right here, also when you refer people to other companies are you tired of making only 20% residual commissions or 30% residual commissions? .Here at now lifestyle our autoresponder is 100% ours. We are the only company that owns our data center and owns our IPS and owns the software outright, meaning everything is under one roof so we can give you excellent deliverability. We totally understand the internet marketing community and you can make up to 90% residual commissions by referring others to use this amazing system. So listen don’t take my word for it read the rest of this article. I’ll show you behind the scenes of the amazing open and click-through rates that you can expect using the Now lifestyle autoresponder.

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Hey folks I’m going to keep this short but obviously if you’re reading this you’re on this page right now what I want to do is show you behind the scenes of how we own everything that we do. Here’s an actual picture of our server room.

Nowlifestyle server room

Why is our server room important?

Well we own and operate everything. Which means we own and operate the IPS that we send mail from. By owning and operating those IPS we can keep those IP reputation better. The better the reputation the better you’re in boxing. Okay so I’m going to take you behind the scenes no matter where you are. Okay so here’s the IPS we use for now lifestyle.

NOWLIFESTYLE autoresponder email ips

NOWLIFESTYLE autoresponder email ips

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Nowlifestyle Autoresponder IP reputation

Now these little things may not mean anything to you, if it’s red it means I went down one point, if it’s green it went up a point and then blue it didn’t change. So let me just go click on one of these and we’re going to go over to sender score .okay so the page finally loaded here.

Nowlifestyle autoresponder IP reputation

What I want to show you is the very steadiness of the IP reputation. Now the curve that goes up and down is the mail volume. You can see that mail volume but the score is there inconsistent. Okay and here’s an example black lists are we on a blacklist? Here’s the one thing that you really want to look at in internet marketing message filtered, meaning is it filtered to spam extremely, low spam. traps zero, unknown users extremely low .There’s an example of one of the IPS that we’re using let me let me go and take one more IP for you as a different example to show you so coming here different IP address. I’m going to go view report and once, that report loads you’ll see again that the reputation is excellent, so different slightly different volume but the consistency of the IP reputation is top-notch and if you look here again the main thing in internet marketing message filter to the spam very low so all green means these are excellent sender reputations and we own these IP addresses because of our data center.

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NSL Autoresponder email deliverability rates:

Now here’s what you can expect to see when you’re using awesome IPS.

NSL autoresponder email open rate

Okay so here’s a collective group of mails that have gone out thirty five thousand mails. Thirty five thousand six hundred twenty four outgoing. Now how do you get more opens and sends, that means some people open the email twice but again here’s I just want to show you also the importance of a follow-up series .This is a 21 days series and look at people are buying on every mail out even the last one. Now you might be asking yourself why does it go from, 35000 mails down to 6156 mails, well it’s because people, this is a funnel for a specific product people are buying the product so they come off the funnel but as you can see here even at 6156 sends, still a thousand opens broke what’s that twenty five thirty percent open rate and the industry standard is five to ten percent. Okay so no matter whether you’re a heavy user like this sending, 35000 mails or you’re a new user as shown below.

You can see same sort of pattern, first mail sent, 58 email sent 109 opens. Why because people opened more than once.47 email sent opens email sent 42 opens.44 email sent 84 opens. Even down here you know 24 sent email 8 still opened.


Excellent excellent excellent IP reputations and that’s absolutely what you can expect when you join the now lifestyle autoresponder, because we own and operate everything under one roof and not to mention up to 90 % residual commissions. Have an awesome day and grab your Now lifestyle / NSL autoresponder now.

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Note:The Above article is a transcript of Joel Therien’s Video about NSL Responder

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