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How Joel Therien’s Nowlifestyle became a Multi million dollar MLM business.

Joel Therien knows how to use the internet to build up a business that is worth real money.Working as a personal trainer was a great way in life, but another career path was also in order. He worked as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist in Ottawa right after graduating from university.

Joel is also the founder of Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO.

Joel therien story

Affiliate marketing has sky-rocketed in the last couple of years, and GoGVO is right up there.

As a marketing and hosting tool, it allows web marketing to use its features to earn money, and the tools come with an all-inclusive price tag.

People want to know more about Joe Therien because of his success and his story is truly inspirational.

Joel Therien is married to Ilona Innus and he now works in Internet Marketing. Researching his own personal health issues inspired him to start using the Internet for profit. He built his business from ground up, using the resources he had and learning on the go.

When Joel was 27 his health started declining, and at first he baffled the doctors because the diagnosis he was given was either Lou Gehrig’s disease, MS or even brain cancer.

Being a fit and healthy individual who also was a bodybuilder, the transformation from 240 lbs to 165 was deeply concerning. Since the medical professionals were not offering an explanation, Joel turned to the World Wide Web for answers.

The results were not what anybody had expected. Joel found out that ASPARTIME (E 951) which can be found in most soft drinks and many foods today was making him ill. Because being a bodybuilder requires certain diet to maintain the body fat at a level, Joel thought that this was exactly the problem. He was simply poisoning himself.

This research time inspired Joel to create a business. Although he did it by himself, he learned that it is easier if you ask for help from professionals.

Joining forces with people in Marketing, Joel was able to expand and create new business ventures. It gave him the opportunity to create GoGVO.

Find Out more about Joel’s Business Opportunity

Being a family man is not easy, but spending 12 hour days behind a computer screen is double as taxing. He had a young family to think of, and his personal health was impacted as well.

He says: ”I was not physically well, the sales were not coming in, and I was drained”.

However, putting the pedal to the metal, Joel was able to make a breakthrough, and is now a proud owner of a very successful business – Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO.

He says that staying true to the basics, offering good advice and the necessary tools for business owners has paid off. He offers them exactly what is needed at a good price. Being a business owner himself, Joel knows the ins and outs of business, marketing and the tools that can help businesses reach larger audiences in the environment that is brutal for competition.

Joel has stayed true to his belief that only great products offer good opportunities, and people will pay for good products. Without them – there is no opportunity.

Battling health issues and the side effect was tough, but he kept going, since he believed that the results could be achieved if he did not give up.

Navigating the landslide and balancing his diet has not been easy, but now the worst has passed. He is now back at the gym and bodybuilding again at 44.

Being so unwell seemed like the worst that could happen, but it has also been a blessing for Joel. His determination during that time helped him to build a business and now he is able to launch

This is his first Health and Wellness platform, and it is taking off. is bigger than other things, and now that Joel is back to his old self, he can share his knowledge and experience with others. His 18 years of experience in MLM and Personal Training has only added value, and he believes that sharing both his experience and passion will not only be helpful, but also inspire other people. is now in its pre-enrolling stages. Join the notification list here.

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